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imgDDoS Attacks: Situation Overview

Over the last decade, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks have continued to proliferate, becoming one of the primary threat types facing virtually every industry and business area that is exposed to the public Internet. Therefore, DDoS protection must be at the core of a successful security strategy.

DDoS attacks attempt to bring down and infiltrate Web sites by flooding the site’s origin server with bogus requests, often from multiple locations and networks. If allowed to proceed unchecked, this DDoS attack traffic can produce results ranging from slow page loads to a complete blockage of legitimate site traffic.

These types of attacks can originate from a variety of sources, including ‘hacktivists,’ for-profit hackers, state-sponsored hacking groups, and others. In many cases, DDoS attacks leverage the force multiplication advantage of ‘botnets,’ essentially armies of computers that are penetrated and recruited to generate attack traffic unbeknownst to their own user or administrator.

DDoS Mitigation

Given the increasing size, frequency and scale of DDoS attacks, planning for DDoS attack detection and mitigation is a critical business priority. Since it’s virtually impossible to build out sufficient infrastructure to scale in response to a large DDoS attack, solutions like Akamai’s Kona Site Defender are increasingly being deployed by owners of Web properties across virtually every industry. Cloud-based solutions like Kona Site Defender offer built-in scalability and global reach to defend against most common types of DDoS attacks, as well as attacks against web applications (SQL Injections, Cross Site Scripts, etc.) and direct-to-origin attacks.

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